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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Snacks4theBrain 6--Einstein!

While previous S4theB! shows about IVC (Interactive Videoconferencing) have focused largely on the dynamic question and answer sessions that these presentation-and-dialogue interactions generate, this one takes you smack-dab into the content of one of the most fascinating ones I've seen. Don't worry if you don't really get it, though Dr. Charles Brau, a physicist whose own field is primarily lasers, does a fantastic job of explaining the fine points of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. He wears that wig nicely, too, I might add... Listen to the show here. Visit CSO's streaming archive site to see the whole she-bang here. If you do that DON'T view the "Afternoon" one with relativity in the title: That's misnamed--ah, I love technology!!! And be sure to choose the Quicktime video option. Finally (is there really such a thing, relatively speaking?) Here is a graphic aid to, well, to aid your comprehension whilst you listen:
All I get from your RSS feed in ipodder is the php pages. The MP3s are not being downloaded!
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