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Monday, February 27, 2006


Snacks 27 -- Jerry Wilmink!

Helloooo, ya'll! S4theB! number 27, our first show in the second half of a year's worth of podcasts. Wow. Who woulda thunk it. Get set again for a rich mix of ambient noise. Last week's great chat with Dr. Charles Brau led me to schedule this Snacks! interview at the same location--though I think we'll go for the earlier timeslot if we do another one there: This one's got a lot of ambience! Bear with it, though, because my subject has a commensurate amount of great information to share! Think busy coffee shop, imagine you're out in the world with us, grab a cup of joe, pull up a chair and listen up here! I met with Jerry Wilmink, doctoral student in BME ("Biomedical Engineering") at Vanderbilt University , at Fido (Fido again!? Yep. It's relatively quiet, they serve great caffeinated beverage and a killer scrambled eggs on a bagel, and it's close to campus) for a chat about his work with the CSO in the GK12 program, as well as about his research into laser cell damage (can you say "weapons defense?") and we had a marvelous talk. Jerry, BTW ("By The Way," of course), was a presenter at the Adventure Science Center CSO presentation on BME that was the topic of S4theB! episode 22--check that out if you haven't yet heard it. Music today is from the Podsafe Music Network and is only part of a fun electronic tune--called "Jungle Tip Toe"--by songcrafter Larry Seyer ("...rhymes with 'Fire' and sounds like 'Sire'"), a "9 time Grammy-award-winning producer, engineer, and musician" who utilizes PMN to promote his thriving production work out of his studio in Texas. Ah, the Internet...Ah, music! Enjoy!!! And if you do enjoy, please copy the URL for this page and email it to a friend or colleague. The more the merrier!!!
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