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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Snacks 38 -- I promised it: Here it is!!!

Here it is, ya'll, Snacks4theBrain! in its new form. Nearly an hour long with great music (jazz, adult alternative, and folk this episode--it'll be different every show), a fascinating interview with cancer researcher Dr. Albert Reynolds, and a juicy new feature called TechTipTidbits--little Snacks that are so good for you that you'll wonder why they aren't fattening! Picture: the "Belly Dancer." Click for the fotki photo set! Listen to understand what the heck it is! Our interview this week is actually a virtual lab tour, along with an engaging chat with noted cancer researcher Dr. Albert Reynolds. No, he's not eighth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland, Albert Reynolds, but our very own Dr. Al Reynolds, noted research scientist and prolific publisher (I count 73 publishing credits at his Vanderbilt Medical Center staff profile page. I met Al in his lab at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center and boy did we talk. I learned alot in one afternoon's chatting with him and I hope that you do the same when you listen up here. The last portion of our interview is a walking tour of his extensive lab facility. Visit this photo set to see pictures I snapped whilst we were walking and talking! Our new feature, TechTipTidbit, is the child of my TechTipTuesday project that drew to an end at the end of the academic school year 2005-6. That project will live on here, drawing from a number of different sources to help you make the most of your technology: Today's TTT is from the fine folks at If that's not great bang for your buck, I don't know a bargain when I see one! Music for today's podcast all hails from the Podsafe Music Network and features, in order of appearance, independent artists the Monika Herzig Acoustic Project, Happy Rhodes, and Amy MacClain. Enjoy, and please leave comments using the link below if you have any input about the new format! We'll be back atcha next week with another science interview, another TechTipTidbit, more great independent music, and who knows what all else??? Cheers!
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